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Clogged Drain

A blockage that might appear easy enough to clear may be the symptoms of a far more serious underlying issue. More often than not you can cause more harm than good by trying to clear blockage yourself. Your drainage system and waste-pipes are well known breeding grounds for potentially dangerous bacteria and viruses. Always be safe and call in the experts! Empire Rooter and Drain will come and clear your blockage, no matter how big or small - it's what we do!


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Clearing Blocked or Slow Sinks

Just about anything can find its way down your sink. The problem is that anything from food, grease, cotton swabs, wet wipes and more can get down the drain and then become stuck. This clogs the sink and can lead to slow draining water and unpleasant smells through out your kitchen and bathroom.

Clearing Blocked Toilets

A blocked toilet is one of the most common household plumbing issues and one of the least pleasant to deal with - so let Empire Rooter and Drain do it for you. If you are trying to fix or don't know what to do about a clogged toilet at home or at your business, our team can come and sort it out quickly and efficiently for you. Your blocked toilet may also be an indication of something more serious like a damaged drain. 

Blocked Mainline

Are more than one drain blocked in your home? This could indicate that you could have problems with your main sewer line. Grease, minerals and limescale buildup, random debris, and even large items like tree roots may be blocking your main sewer line.

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