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Tank and Tankless Water Heaters

  • Traditional Tank Water Heaters  Life span is up to 10 years. It utilizes a storage tank where water is continuously heated.

  • ​Tankless Water Heaters  Known for on-demand water heaters, water only heats up when it's needed. Life span is twice as long and will lower engery cost than a Traditional Water Heater.

  • Commercial Water Heaters   Large Traditional Water Tanks or Tankless Water Heaters service available.


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Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair

Water heater repair by a qualified service provider will ensure you won’t have to go very long without hot water if you have trouble.

Contact Empire Rooter and Drain for water heater repair if you notice the following:

  • Problems with the thermostat

  • Leaks

  • Rising utility bills

  • Low water pressure

Is It Time for a New Water Heater?

If your water heater has been giving you trouble and is older than 10 years, a new electric water heater installation may be the best option. A new unit will ensure no more repairs and will provide you with dependable hot water when you need it, saving you money on water bills because of enhanced energy efficiency.

If you want to save on your next service with us, visit our coupons page now. You should also visit our reviews page and learn what others in your area have been saying about our range of plumbing services.

Benefits of Having an Efficient Water Heater

Energy-efficient water heaters are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you are installing a new water heater in Ottawa or replacing an existing one, an energy-efficient model will help you save loads of cash while helping the environment at the same time.


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